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Regatta Consultancy Services: Setting a New Benchmark for Quality & Consistency in the HR Domain

India is the fifth largest staffing market in the world. According to the Indian Staffing Federation, for more than 39 percent employers, recognizing and attracting quality talent is one of the most challenging aspects. The rationale behind this is no rocket science; more than 90 percent of the jobs in the country are skill-based, when only two percent of the population have the required skill. When it comes to executive hiring, the equation becomes even more drastic. While this poses a tough challenge for the industry, the mushrooming hiring companies that fish from the outrage of social media and job portals add to the woes, thus leading to consistency and quality being tossed-up.

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How HR Consulting Company Helped Start-up To Step Into Right Foot?

A start-up company, new in the market specialized into pharmaceutical products engaged in launching and establishing high quality medicines and healthcare products, were all set to take on the market. The only thing lacking was the right HR consultant to operate the business into right directions. The job was to ensure different task such as :

1. Setting up process, Payroll Process sing- with clients software, Leave Record Management, Employee Communication, Employee Record Management, Issuing Letters, Data base updating, Compensation Management, Exit Management, Resignation and full and final settlement. And this was to be done fast and efficiently.

A senior manager from Regatta Consultancy Services had a challenge to overcome. Professional manager from regatta helped the company throughout to develop a proper quantitative methodology with every aspect of requirements for business from compliance to employee exist management. And all this was possible with the strong database hold of professionals who work in regatta and the team effort which was put into it.

Additionally our professionals not only helped with current scenarios but also with the future upcoming problems which might occur.

The company was ultimately served in a beneficial way and before the Deadlines with every requirement that was on the line. Having seen this and working for 6months the company has gained immense trust with regatta and will always be a reason to cherish to be someone’s staring foot in early stage.


Paint Brushes Company

Regatta is famous for the values and work ethics. Regatta works in almost every major sectors and this is what makes us unique with our strong database. Our HR Professional has mastered the skills working into cross functional areas. Our HR Professional approached harris brushes and explained them about our services and the rest is history. Regatta is Serving harris brushes for more than a year now. Regatta helped Harris Brushes with all the Recruitment Service activities and was successful to find the right match for the jobs serving them before the deadlines. Regatta has gained a long time tie-up with harris brushes and our Professional Hr consultant stays in touch with them 24*7.


Pharmaceutical Company

The Challenge for Regatta was to work for a totally different Sector. But the dedication and efforts put in by our professional was tremendous. The services provided to them were HR Consultant. NBZ Being a pharmacy company in market with aim to be a leader in market in marketing pharmacy products.

Regatta approached NBZ and guided with Consultant Services. Not only had our Professional guided with current scenarios but also for the upcoming ones.

Sovereign Tech engineering pvt ltd.

Metal Cutting Tools Company

The Challenge was to recruit the suitable candidates for the company.

Our HR Professional approached the company personally and by various means to figure out the problems and designing road map. Our HR Professional started working on the profiles being proficient at what we do. Not only Sovereign Tech is a client to us but also one of the assets to company. Regatta and sovereign shares a great bond and regatta has been successful in serving every demand with deadlines.

Regatta has been successful in gaining trust from sovereign tech and also making them one of the long run assets. Sovereign Tech and Regatta still works together and with the same dedication our HR professional has mastered the skill to serve with immense hold on database.


IT Solution Company

Regatta’s business was growing with immense trust in dynamic market. And we came across Vritti Solutions. Company specializes in IT solutions. Our HR Professional figured out the problems revolving vritti in terms of Hr. Our professionals approached them through various means of communication and also meeting them personally. Regatta helped them with all the Recruitment Services which resulted in Loyal and long term employees for them. Not only our HR approached the candidates but also made sure about the right paper works and building a resume and selecting among them with different screening methods. Regatta’s Hr professionals have a strong hold on database which made it easy for us.

Vritti is one of the valuable assets and we still serve them with same dedication and trust.


Internationally Renowned Company

Regatta was gaining immense trust and goodwill in market. And then our Professionals approached one of the renowned companies in today’s market. WHERESCAPE INDIA is one of the largest companies in data warehousing.

Our HR Professional approached them and explained about all the services and scenarios. Being a multinational company they not only gave regatta a contract but also the immense trust.

Regatta helped the company with ENTIRE HR OUTSOURCING SERVICE with a yearly contract where results were positive. Our HR Professional dedicated all in efforts for a year serving them and solving all the queries and making easy to approach 24*7 and made sure all the HR functions were running smoothly.