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HR Consulting Firms in Mumbai

HR Consulting helps in boosting organisational performance with many strategic benefits like eliminating the repetitive back office HR Functions, cost competitiveness and helps in maintaining strategic HR focus.

The regatta has been assisting clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into client's daily operations. Our role is also to maximise the client's performance related to human resources by introducing "best practice" services and to provide periodic feedback to clients regarding their performance related to annual management objectives.

What we do different from others is :

HR outsourcing reduces handling of complex day-to-day HR issues. By way of outsourcing, organisations have started increasing their flexibility to meet the changes and challenges in the business.

Right from selection till exit interview, Regatta offers best HR practices to the companies for effectively channelizing and managing the lengthy but necessary processes. Regatta consultancy can handle all HR activities from recruitment till exit interview in cost effective manner with professional way. In Regatta we are taking care of client’s requirements like selecting candidates, joining process, policy framing and execution, till smooth exit with proper full and final settlement.

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