Career Development

Career Development

Career Development is the process of choosing a career improving your skill and advancing along a career path. It's a lifelong process of learning & decision making that brings you closer to your ideal job skillset and lifestyle.

In regatta we have assessment tools which helps giving reports and analysis based on individual’s qualification, career preference, interest and suitability.

Career success requires eligibility suitability for the job. People end up choosing the wrong kind of job because they only consider their eligibility/experience for the role, ignoring their suitability/enjoyment for that job. They tend to realize their mistake only through spending some years switching from one job to another n an attempt to find a job where they will be satisfied and successful. There is a better way to identify your best career option and maximise your potential for career success by considering both eligibility & suitability.

Career Development usually refers to manging one’s career in an intra organisation or inter organisational scenario. It involves training on new skills moving to higher responsibilities, making a career change within the same organisation, moving to different organisation or starting one’s own business.

Career development is directly linked to the goals and objectives set by an individual, it starts with the self-actualisation and self-assessment of interests and capabilities. It is also linked with individual’s satisfaction. It provides the framework with skills, goals, awareness, assessment and performance which helps an individual to move in the right direction.

Career development does end after you choose an occupation, you must then get required education and training, apply for and final employment and ultimately advance in your career.

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