Career counselling

Career counselling

Career counselling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career educational & life decisions. It is much more than merely choosing a job and hoping to stay in that job for the rest of one’s life. Today, career counsellors believe that it is essential to identify a person’s original “pain”. This provides the starting point and life plot of every person’s career.

Why is career counselling?

Making a career choice based on the immediate information or based on the experience and guidance of elders might seems like the right option at some point. However, to plan as important as this, one should understand that career choice is a discovery process that is time-taking and requires the individual to explore various options methodically to see where one’s interest and potential lies.

Once people know where they are headed, they mostly become motivated to work hard to realise their goal. People consult career counsellor when they face a “natural” crossroad; having to choose a school, university, field of study or any form of employment opportunities.


Career counselling process has been defined as an ongoing, face-to- face interaction between counsellor and client with career or work-related issues as the primary focus. The goal of career counselling is typically to assist individuals in developing self-understanding, articulating directions in their career, and achieving their potential & discovering their purpose.

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